Biotta Elderberry Juice (500ml)

  • Biotta Elderberry Juice (500ml)
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Elderberry Juice (500ml)

Ingredients: organic elderberries with tea infusion, and organic agave juice concentrate.

Sweet, tart and refreshing, Elderberry juice is made from a blend of elderberries, elderflower infusion and agave nectar. Elderberries are rich in mineral nutrients, which aid in relief of inflammation and blocked respiratory passages. The toxins from air pollution have lead to an ever increasing strain on our respiratory passages. The natural active ingredient in elderberries can help regenerate the cilia’s filtering function in the respiratory passages. Elderberries have a positive influence on the immune system and the juice from elderberries has been effective in relieving colds and flu.

Serving Suggestion: Shake well. Refrigerate after opening. For best quality and freshness use within 7 days of opening.

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